He’s Dead, Jim!


Aw he dead!  A client of mine had above message in Google Chrome that rendered Chrome unusable.  The following are the symptoms:

-Client launches Chrome and it load to “He’s Dead, Jim!” page

-Opens new tab and gets same message

-Goes to any website and gets same message

-Attempted to access Chrome extension to but it’s in accessible (it just flashes)

-Attempted to set Chrome back to default but it’s in accessible (it just flashes)

-Virus/malware scans results were clean -Reinstalled Chrome (but He’s still dead Jim!)

Resolution: Do a clean uninstall of Chrome using iObituninstaller (it’s free).  It will remove all traces of an installed program, down to the registeries. It can be found here, http://www.iobit.com/advanceduninstaller.php Then reinstalled Chrome, issue resolved!

After thought:

If you have favorites you want to save, try to save them. Since it cannot be backup the normal way, you would have to get it from here, C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default *Just copy and paste above address to Control Panel address bar.


As of this writing, there were a lot of documentations out there about how to resolve it but they seem to be pointing to memory related issues/fixes (google forum, youtube, etc). But I didn’t feel like spending to much time on tracking it down and it didn’t seem to fit the issue that my client had.

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