How To Install Playstation Media Server UPnP/DLNA (PMS) On Linux

1.  Run the following command from the terminal:

sudo apt-get install dpkg-dev

2.  Run the following script from the terminal:

wget -q –no-check-certificate -O /tmp/ && bash /tmp/

*After step 2, at this point, installation of Playstation Media Server (PMS) has been completed.

3. If you installed this on Ubuntu, you can search for it from the “Dash Home” search bar by typing the first 3 letters (PMS) and “pms-linux” will show up.  Then click on it to open the program.  [picture below].


[Below] Actual PMS program.


Something To Keep In Mind

  • Make sure your Playstation is on
  • Make sure your Playstation is connected to the internet (WIFI or wired).
  • Make sure pms-linux is running
  • Make sure the computer/server that is running the pms-linux is connected to the network (your home WIFI or internet).
  • From there, check your Playstation menu to see if it detected your newly configured PMS.

Now you are ready to serve up some movies, home video, mp3 or whatever else from your computer to your Playstation.

**Resource from:

**PMS install script credit goes to Paissad.

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