Blackberry Wifi & Web Connectivity Problem

My wife bought a BlackBerry Curve 8900 yesterday and had trouble accessing the web via wifi.  The Blackberry was able to connected to our home wifi but can’t load any websites on the browser.  Other devices such as our 3 laptops are able to connect to the wifi and surf the web just fine.   My wife took the Blackberry to our local  AT&T retailer and of course the sales person tested it on their wifi and it worked just fine.  My wife took the Blackberry to Caribou (our local coffee shop) and tested the wifi there and of course it work there as well.

After countless searches using Google and even Blackberry’s own forum, all it turned up was false hopes.  Then a moment of epiphany!  Phone can connect to other wifi and load webpage with success, except at home.  Ergo issue is with the home router.  So I logged into my Netgear router and skimmed through various settings on the router.  Within the router, I came across a “Security Options” setting.  This is where it lists various encryption that you can chose to secure your data (ie WEP, TKIP, AES, TKIP+AES).  I changed my encryption option from TKIP to TKIP+AES (the highest encryption setting).  I Had my wife disconnect and reconnect our wifi from her Blackberry and sure enought that resolved the issue.

I wanted to post the resolution on the Blackberry forum but they require users to create an account but I was way to lazy to do that.  And besides, if they wanted the forum to be a little more useful and robust to their customers they should make it a little easier to post on their forum.  Your lost Blackberry (RIM).

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